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Malaysia – The World’s Leading Halal Hub

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As a progressive Muslim country with consistent economic development and growth rate as well as political and social stability, Malaysia is the leader in the world’s halal industry. The success story of Malaysia as the pioneer in the halal industry began in 1974 when the Research Centre for the Islamic Affairs Division in the Prime Minister’s Office started to issue halal certification letters for products that met the halal criteria at that time.

The first halal standards released in 2000 was an important milestone for Malaysia as it became the first country to have a documented and systematic Halal assurance system.

The standards became the impetus to a new revolution that had transformed Halal, from strength to strength, from a traditional cottage industry to a vibrant new economy with an estimated global market value of USD2.30 trillion.

International Halal Economic Hub (IHEH)

Building IHEH In The RCEP Region

Although it appears as an infrastructural and facilities play, the realization of IHEH is on the outset aimed at promoting and accelerating the rationalization, consolidation, and advancement of the  Malaysian International Halal Agenda. 

These IHEH initiatives form the basis of conceptualizing a broadened ‘halal advancement concept’ entailing in the creation of the entire IHEH as the foremost new ‘International Halal Economic Zone’ in the RCEP Region. and the world in due course.

In the process, it will catalyze the inflow of investment into the region from both domestic and international businesses as well as further promote more players’ participation in the halal industry.

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